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Stressed Out Floral Designers Have Ugliest Corsage Competition

Stressed Out Floral Designers Have Ugliest Corsage Competition

Posted by Winnipeg Florist Dragonfly Flowers on 26th May 2015

Mother's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate Mom by making the day all about her.  Sending flowers has been a big part of that process through the years and this year was no different.  The staff at Dragonfly Flowers spent the better part of the week at the store with few breaks and stayed for long hours so that we could service as many customers as possible.  This year we had the most wonderful team of designers, sales and support staff that weathered the holiday with flying colours and got along great, despite being tired and over-worked.  

During a period of calm on a much needed dinner break where pizza was served for their 15th take out meal of the week, an ugliest corsage design competition broke out.  I'm not too sure how it all started, but before I knew it, there were 4 designers frantically creating the most un-beautiful works of art they could imagine.  As the flowers, bows, ribbons and even a little birds nest flew out of the junk boxes, these monstrosities began to take shape.  As they worked and laughed their way through it, a time limit of 15 minutes was set and it was determined that names would be drawn to see who would have to wear who's abomination the following day during one of our busiest days of the year.

Here's the result!

Vote for your favourite (or perhaps least favourite?) on our Facebook page!  

As a reward for their hard work, the winning designer will be awarded a $50 gift card to the restaurant of their choice.